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Edexcel University in Brief

Who We Are
Edexcel University (EU) is an international University established in Benin Republic and authorized with Authorization Numbers - ANNEE 2015 No 318/MESRSRS/CAB/DC/SGM/DPP/DGES/DEPES/SA and ANNEE 2015 No 010 / MESRSRS/CAB/DC/SGM/DPP/DEPES/SA for both creation and opening. Aside from these, Edexcel University was accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) an educational arm of United Nations (UN) and later legalized by the Department of State of the United State of America, and District of Columbia attested the legalization. Edexcel University was fully accredited by the World Commission on International Accreditation and Quality Assurance India.

Edexcel University is a bilingual University with vision to contribute to the growth and development of education in Africa and the World at large scientifically and culturally. Edexcel University presently have Four Faculties, these Faculties are Health Sciences, Management, Engineering, Arts and Humanities. The University operates presently on a temporary site at Ifagnni –Igolo, a border town in Benin Republic while works are on-going on an expansive land of over 5 hectares of land directly opposite the temporary site of the University.

At Edexcel University, we are of the opinion that theoretical study without practical engagement with empirical evidence, that is technologically confirmed through skills acquisition will not be enough to meet up with the requirement of twenty- first century development goals, therefore, Edexcel University students are subjected to Clinical and Industrial Attachment exercises at various levels of their studies and as being required Professionally. Not only these, to strengthen its quest for professionalism and Skills acquisition, Edexcel University established Institute of Business Technology Management of Nigeria (IBTM), an Institution recognized and approved as skills acquisition regulatory body. Also established by Edexcel University are Ibaji Community College of Health Technology, Ibaji Kogi State Nigeria and Association of Business Technologists of Nigeria to enhance professionalism in modern day Business Management. It is on good note that presently, Edexcel University is mentoring African Union University, Togo Republic and Courage University, Port novo Benin Republic.

With these developments, Edexcel University is affiliated and being affiliated to by many academic and professional organizations” of high repute around the World. To enhance its world -wide credibility, Edexcel University is recognized and accepted into the Association of African Universities in the year 2015.Aside from these, Edexcel University is managed by seasoned administrators and professional academicians, the performance of our students testify to this.


To be a centre of academic excellence and a training ground for productive, self employable, self sustaining and self reliant individuals passing through it; and to combine the ideas of excellence in learning and research with a large dose of pratical application in development.

Our vision is to work towards the social, cultural and technological needs of the funding states i.e Osun and Oyo, in particular and Nigeria in general.

Admission of students into the undergraduate programmes is via Universities Matriculation Examinations (U.M.E.), Pre-Degree Sciences programme (PDS) and Direct Entry (D.E). which is always coordinated by the Board of Examiners.

Admission to 100 level is on the basis of performance in the University Matriculation Examination (U.M.E.) or good performances in the Pre-Degree Science Programme final examination. In addition, candidate must have at least five credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology at the S.S.C.E/G.C.E O'Level or its equivalent in order to qualify for admission into any of the faculties. For this purpose, a combination of credit passes at ”0” Level in five science subjects and at not more than two sittings is acceptable. Candidates are also required to fulfill such faculty and department entry requirements as may be prescribed from time to time.

Admission to 200 level by Direct Entry is based on the performance at the G.C.E. ”A” Level Examination or its equivalent. Applicants with any of the following qualifications may be considered for admission by Direct Entry, provided all the five subjects at '0' Level are obtained at not more than two sittings; ND with upper credit/HND/N.C.E. at credit level in relevant subjects (plus U.M.E. requirements) may be considered for admission into the 200 Level.