In order to enhance effective and effficient health research and education affiliated with the following institution:

  1. Saint Monica University, Cameroon.
  2. Institute of Business Technology Management, Nigeria
  3. Courage University, Benin Republic
  4. Institute of Science and Hygiene Management, Nigeria
  5. Courage College of Health Technology, Nigeria
  6. Faculty of Secretaries and Administrator, London
  7. Pebble Hills University, U.S.A,
  8. Faculty of Professional Business and Technical Managment, U.K
  9. Chartered Instititute of Professional Financial Managers, U.S.A
  10. African Union University, Togo
  11. Ibaji Community College of Health Technology, Nigeria
  12. University of Business Technology, U.S.A
  13. Business Management Association, London
  14. Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Aro, Abeokuta Nigeria e.t.c
  15. Triune Biblical University Global Extension, U.S.A