EDEXCEL offers an innovative way of combining modern education and training system with interaction with your online trainer and students from all over the world. By enrolling in our online and offline courses which you will enjoy the ease of studying from anywhere and at any time over the internet.


For more information about courses, how to apply, syllabus and an online teaching display, visit online learning on the department for continuing education website.


  1. Nursing
  2. community Health
  3. Public Health
  4. Environmental Health
  5. Biomedical Science
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Computer Science


  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering


  1. Business Administration
  2. Marketing
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Public Administration
  5. Economics
  6. Project Management
  7. Security Managment
  8. International Relations
  9. Accounting


  1. Criminology & Penology
  2. Theology
  3. Mass communicaton
  4. English Language
  5. French
  6. Education
  7. Sociology